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Archive for April 28th, 2008

Why do I blog? (part 1)

Posted by bunchgrasser on April 28, 2008

My wife recently asked me why I decided to start a blog. As I took a deep breath and prepared to list off all of the cool reasons – something strange happened – I couldn’t think of any. At least none with enough substance to convince her that blogging is a worthwhile endeavor. So, while pondering this seemingly complex question, I decided to see why other people blog. What I found was an amazingly diverse collection of reasons. One blog site in particular has taken this a step further and conducted an informal survey with the top 35 respondents listed.

As for me, I’m going to put some thought to this question and I’ll post the results in part 2.


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Bunchgrasser’s quote of the day

Posted by bunchgrasser on April 28, 2008

“We didn’t lose the game; we just ran out of time.”

Vince Lombardi

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