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Metal Detecting – 3 rings in 2 days

Posted by bunchgrasser on August 1, 2008

I spent a couple of mornings at a local park last weekend with my White’s MXT. The first morning I managed to recover some clad coins, plenty of pulltabs and a 92.5 stamped silver ring. The ring wasn’t anything special so I don’t have a photo to post.

Encouraged by my earlier success, I returned to the park the following day. After about 3 hours of detecting, I had the usual clad coins, pulltabs, bottlecaps and assorted pieces of trash. I also recovered a 1952 wheat penny and 2 rings from different areas of the park. The first photo shows both rings as they looked right out of the ground.

The ring on the left appears to be an older, vintage dinner ring of some kind. The years and soil have not been kind to it unfortunately. It is missing some stones and whatever plating it once had is mostly gone.

The ring on the right is stamped 14k gold and has 3 stones. I’d like to think they are diamonds, but this ring is very small and likely would only fit a young girl, so they may be CZ. I do plan to have them checked though.

The next two pics show the rings after cleaning.


2 Responses to “Metal Detecting – 3 rings in 2 days”

  1. Nice rings!!! Did you post them on Friendly?

  2. bunchgrasser said


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