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Bunchgrasser’s quote of the day

Posted by bunchgrasser on August 7, 2008

“You have to forget your last marathon before you try another. Your mind can’t know what’s coming.”

-Frank Shorter

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Running feels better this week

Posted by bunchgrasser on August 7, 2008

I managed to run 3-4 times in the last week or so. My right heel still has some mild tenderness, but the serious pain has been absent. Granted I’ve been limiting my runs to 5-6 miles each, I’m still very, very excited to be back on the pavement.

I’m going to kick it up to 7-8 mile runs and see how that goes. I actually may still have time to catch up in time for the Portland Marathon. Speaking of which, I finally decided it was time, so I registered myself for the PM yesterday. If my injury returns and I cannot run, I guess I’ll consider my $90 entry fee a donation to a good program.

Oh, on my run this morning I ran into some wildlife on the trail. About 1 mile into my run I came upon a black and white animal that I first thought was a cat. It wasn’t. As I got closer, the “cat” stood on its front legs and aimed its rear end at me. Somewhere deep in my head I thought…hmm…cats usually don’t do tricks. It was at that very moment that I also realized that cats usually aren’t black with white stripes. I think I figured this out just before running within spraying range of the skunk. I stopped, backed up a few steps and waited for it to leave the trail for cover in the bushes.


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