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Success on the 15 miler!

Posted by bunchgrasser on August 31, 2008

Saturday morning I ran my 15 mile benchmark run. Yes, it took awhile (2:20). Yes, it was painful. And yes, I’m extremely happy to have it behind me. It is clear that my body has physical limitations that I’m ignoring. As I cruised back into my driveway, pretty much everything below the waist was screaming in pain. I got another blister on my left foot between my toes of all places. This is in spite of my liberal use of Bodyglide and Vaseline on my feet before starting the run. It is still very difficult to imagine running 26.2 miles.

Next up is the 18 mile benchmark next weekend. I’ve got 7 days to heal up and mentally prepareĀ for it. I’m really hoping that my feet, knees and hips gain some value and perspective from the 15 miler and decide to get on-board.


One Response to “Success on the 15 miler!”

  1. Strom said

    Fifteen miles! I have to commend you on your dedication and perseverance, but to be honest, lubricating your feet and then putting shoes on sounds kind of creepy and gross. Other than that, nice work!

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