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Metal detecting – Lake hunt with new water detector

Posted by bunchgrasser on September 25, 2008

I received my new detector last week, a White’s Beach Hunter ID 300. It is fully submersible to 25 feet and seems to be quite the machine. I was anxious to take it out for spin, so last saturday I spent most of the day at a local lake with a roped off swimming area.

This was my first time water detecting, so I expected the learning curve to be high…and it was. The pinpointing function works differently than my other detectors, and because the water is a murky brown color you cannot see the coil at all. At first, recovering targets in waist deep water was very challenging, but I eventually started using my foot as a guide for both pinpointing and scooping and it became easier. As the day progressed I got better at it, but I still have a long ways to go before I am proficient.

I managed to find over $3 in clad coins (including a 1964 nickel), an earring, a cheap broken pendant, assorted hair pins, several fishing weights, and a 10 cent Euro coin. Nothing valuable – but not a bad day for my first time in the water.

I did work out the kinks and learned a few things. I would really like to get a larger sand scoop to make recovery go faster. I plan to hit the surf (hopefully in a warm climate) and a larger scoop will be imperative. I also realized that, even wearing a full wetsuit I should expect to be cold. After 2-3 hours I was quite cold and had to take a break out of the water to warm up.


One Response to “Metal detecting – Lake hunt with new water detector”

  1. Tony Genys said

    I just bought a White’s Beach Hunter ID 300 last December and am now looking for a used wetsuit. Anxious to get out to the waters.

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