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Short run to check my knee status

Posted by bunchgrasser on September 29, 2008

I went for a short run last night to see how my knee felt. I managed to go 5.5 miles and experienced some weakness and residual soreness, although not as severe as it was last week. With one week left before the Portland Marathon, I’m pretty sure I won’t be running. Yes, I’m truly bummed about this (depressed actually) because I’ve been training for a long time for this (my first) marathon.

It is especially irritating since my fitness level is great and I don’t think the 26.2 miles would be a problem for me. Apparently my 42 year old body parts are the issue here and they are obviously rejecting the idea of running this distance. I don’t mind the $90 donation for my registration fee, but rather it is the significant amount of time and mental energy that I’ve invested over the past 12 months getting ready for this run that is depressing me.

At this point, I think there is little chance that my knee will improve enough to actually consider running on Sunday. But being the stubborn person that I am – I plan to run again on Wednesday to see how my knee feels. If I notice any subtle improvement then I reserve the right to join the masses on race day, fully understanding that I probably won’t finish the full 26.2 miles.

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