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Scored my first ring in the water

Posted by bunchgrasser on October 23, 2008

Sunday morning I got up before daylight and took my new White’s Beach Hunter ID 300 to the river. I wanted to spend another day in the sand/water and also needed to put in some hours learning this new detector.

I arrived at the river just at daylight and it was a beautiful sight. A layer of fog blanketed the area and the sun was trying to push through. It was awfully cold so I spent the first couple of hours in the sand trying to find some coins & jewelry. Unfortunately all I got for my trouble was a massive number of bottle caps and a few clad coins.

Later when the sun came out I put on my water shoes and began to cover the sandy shallows. I didn’t want to get out too far because this river is deep, swift and known to claim swimmers every year. This particular beach is one of the few that has a flat beach before it drops off.

The BH was working great and I found it easier to run in all-metal mode and then just watch the indicator lights. I skipped the red light signals (iron) but dug everything else. As you can imagine, I dug lots of bottle caps and pulltabs with my sand scoop.

I was standing in thigh deep water and one particular signal was strong and loud (just like bottle caps) so I didn’t think much of it. I dug it, shook the scoop underwater to clear the sand and found this large gold ring waiting for me. To say that I was excited might be putting it mildly and I think I did do the happy dance. I’m sure the people on the beach thought I was crazy to be out in the river in the first place (no wetsuit and it was cold).

I’m stumped on this ring because there is no visible stamp. It looks and feels like gold but without a gold tester I have no way of knowing. Looks like I might need to buy a tester. My wife looked at it and she thinks there is a rectangular stamp on the inside of the band but it has worn off.

Anyway – I’m extremely excited to have found my first ring in the water. This is really, really fun!

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