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Book Review – Duma Key by Stephen King

Posted by bunchgrasser on January 4, 2009

duma-key-picSince I read so much – I thought adding an occasional book review might be helpful. I don’t plan to offer a deep analysis or anything like that – just a few words to express whether or not I enjoyed a particular book.

My friends and family know that I mostly prefer reading creepy, horror fiction. I’ve read quite a few books outside that genre – but I keep coming back to authors like Stephen King & Dean Koontz for some reason. I also read quite a few detective novels from authors like James Patterson and Jonathan Kellerman. I guess I like the continuation of the primary protagonists.

I recently finished Duma Key by Stephen King and found it very entertaining. I’ve read most everything from this author and most of his novels I found to be quite creepy (some of them clearly over the line). Duma Key didn’t feel that way – although it clearly had the level of “scariness” that I’m used to from King.

Was the book long? Yes. Were the characters real? Yes. Was the storyline believable? Well, not really – but how many of King’s other novels fall into this category? King has the ability to suck you into a story no matter how far fetched the “believability” factor is. The sign of a great writer in my opinion.

I enjoyed reading Duma Key and consider it not the best, but certainly one of King’s better works.

My rating: 4/5 Stars

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