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Running – back in the groove

Posted by bunchgrasser on February 21, 2009

dan-cold-gearWhile January was a tough month for my training miles (only 45 for the month). Cold, snowy weather and a 9 day vacation in Mexico really put a damper on my mileage. On the positive side – my cold weather running gear is getting plenty of action this winter.

February is looking much better. I’m at 47 miles as of today and I expect to finish the month with around 7o or so. I’ll still be short of my monthly goal of 85, but I’m still ramping up so as not to injure myself. I’m confident of hitting my goal in March.

With the Eugene Marathon coming up on May 3rd – I’m still very concerned about not being ready for it. This will only be my second marathon (and my first Spring marathon). I never realized how challenging the training process would be – as compared to a Fall marathon.

The past couple of weeks have been great. I’ve been running 5 milers at lunch (2-3 times per week) and then a longer run on the weekend. Today I finished an 8 miler at an 8:45 min pace. Not real impressive, but it is average for me. I left the house at 7:00am and it was 33 degrees outside. Clear and cold – just how I like it. No soreness and my feet/legs felt great. You gotta love days like that!

Anyway, I’m feeling better about my training and I’m looking forward to a great (read: injury free) March.


2 Responses to “Running – back in the groove”

  1. azzweepay said

    Good luck in Eugene! I’ve always thought it was kind of amazing there could be so many people ready to run Boston in April. There must be alot of people putting in big miles in terrible conditions.

    • bunchgrasser said

      Yes, the winter training thing is definitely more challenging for me. We’ve had much colder, nastier weather than normal here in Oregon this year. Oh well, it’s almost March so the worst is probably behind us. I’m looking forward to running in short sleeves soon. Best of luck to you.

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