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10 miler on Sunday – Ouch

Posted by bunchgrasser on March 2, 2009

The weather cleared on Sunday morning – giving me a window to complete my long run without getting rained on. It was a welcome change as the weather has not been very cooperative lately. I ran one of my regular out-and-back courses through mostly residential neighborhoods. I like the quietness and lack of traffic, although I did have my Ipod Nano blasting techno music throughout the entire run.

My legs and feet felt great for the first 5 miles. As expected though, my right heel and right knee started complaining a little at about mile 7. I cruised back home without any serious pains though, but my body definitely felt the extra couple of miles. According to my Garmin 205 – I maintained an 8:45 per minute pace through the entire 10 miles. As I usually say, not very impressive to others – but for me it is pushing it pretty fast for that length of a run.

I ended the month of February with 70 miles total. Still a little under my goal of 85 miles per month. I am hopeful that I will hit 85 in March and continue to hold at that level.


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