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13.2 mile training run

Posted by bunchgrasser on March 31, 2009

My training mileage has been all over the place the last few weeks (as usual). My busy schedule (and occasionally my sore muscles) dictate when, and how long I run. I’ve stayed pretty steady with my mid-week runs of 5-6 miles each and then a long run on the weekend. I recognize that I’m not where I need to be considering the Eugene Marathon is only a month away.

On Sunday I got up, had coffee and a bagel, dressed, stretched and then went for a 13.2 mile run. My previous long runs had been around 10-12 miles each so this wasn’t much of a stretch. I’ve been trying not to push the mileage too high, too fast because injuries happen when I do that. My base won’t be high enough come marathon time on May 3rd, but I’m looking at this race as a benchmark on the way to the Portland Marathon in October.

The last couple of miles were tough. My right knee was aching and my hamstrings were both letting me know they weren’t happy. I really need to do more crosstraining, and better yet, some lower-body weight training like squats & lunges. I’ll add that to my list…

When I got home, I immediately downed a recovery shake, orange & peanut butter bagel. I tried to stay moving so my muscles wouldn’t stiffen up too badly. Later I did some light stretching which helped some. My daughter must have been impressed with my distance because she surprized me with a wonderful foot massage. In fact, part way through she disappeared into the kitchen and then reappeared with a cold beer for me. Ahh, now I remember why I had kids…(jk)

Later that evening I watched my daughter’s soccer game (I stood for the entire 1.5 hours) with no discomfort. So, it seems like my body handled the distance pretty well – so I’m thinking of running the Vernonia Half Marathon this weekend. I won’t push the pace too hard – but the Vernonia Half seems like a nice course and I need another running shirt.


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