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Yep, I’m backing out of the Eugene Marathon

Posted by bunchgrasser on May 1, 2009

Well, my disappointing news of the week is that I won’t be able to run the Eugene Marathon. I’d like to cite my ongoing challenges with sore feet and sore knees as the reason, but in reality it is because my daughter’s soccer team (THUSC Sodium) has advanced to the semi-final bracket in the¬†Oregon State Cup.

This may seem like an event worth missing for some, but being my daughter’s biggest, and most dedicated fan – I am simply unwilling to miss her normal season games, let alone a State Cup semi-final game. I should also mention that my daughter’s team is shooting for their 3rd straight Oregon State Cup championship this year in the girls U13 age group. They are a very talented team.

They will be facing some strong competition this weekend, and hopefully next weekend as well if they advance to the finals. Seriously, you should see these 12-13 year old girls when they have their game-faces on. There are bodies hitting the turf with regular frequency all game long.

The decision to opt out of the marathon was somewhat difficult for me, given the many, many hours of training over the past few (Winter) months. I’ve been hampered by minor injuries and the constant cold, wet weather has affected my motivation at times. The end result is that I don’t quite feel ready for this race, and I’m concerned about the potential for injury if I ran it anyway.

A couple of years ago, when I was…let’s say…a less experienced runner, I would have probably just ran the race anyway. But I’ve learned a few things and one of them is to listen to your body. I’ve been nervous in the weeks leading up to Eugene and I realized that it was because my body¬†was telling me it is not ready to run 26.2 miles.

So, my plan moving forward is to continue my training (easier now that the weather is warming up) and run a couple of half marathons between now and October when I will (hopefully) be ready for the Portland Marathon.

Good luck to all of the Eugene runners, and wish me luck as well.


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