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6 miler wearing my Nike Free 3.0

Posted by bunchgrasser on May 26, 2009

I finally mustered up enough courage to take a longer run in my Nike free 3.0’s yesterday. I love wearing these shoes around the house, and I’ve also done some short runs on my treadmill with them, but I’ve been so worried about injury or soreness that I haven’t used them for my longer runs.

It has been a beautiful Memorial Day weekend, with amazingly warm temps and plenty of sunshine. This is unusual for Portland this time of year. Everyone knows that it always rains over this holiday weekend. I took the opportunity to run one of my normal 6 mile loop routes and I have to admit that the shoes felt great during the run. I did end up with a small blister on the outside of my right big toe, but nothing major. 

It is now 2 days post-run and I can assure you that my legs are very, very sore, and in places that are not normally sore when I run. It is clear that these shoes are designed very differently and call into action a number of leg muscles that don’t normally see action when I run in my Asics Gel Kayano’s. This is a good thing.

I found that actually feeling the pavement surface beneath my feet with each step was wonderful. I also felt my feet and legs using those new muscles for balance and push-off, which is not true with my Kayano’s. Imagine running in a pair of thin-soled slippers or moccasins and that is the NIKE Free experience.

I’m excited about strengthening my leg and foot muscles by using these shoes occasionally for a short to mid-length run. However I’m not planning to try running longer distances with them quite yet. I may look for another light-weight running shoes that bridges that gap between these two models though.

I think NIKE has a potential revolution building here. Partly because people need to actually try this shoe to see how wonderful it feels, but also because I believe studies will show that the increasing level of “technical” features (i.e. cushioning and stability) going into most running shoes is not a good thing for most people.

I realize that this shoe has been around for awhile now – but I don’t have a sense for what percentage of runners actually use it as their primary shoe. I would love to eventually switch over but it will take time and hard work before my body can use them consistently.

Do yourself a favor and try the NIKE Free. It is truly a new running experience!


6 Responses to “6 miler wearing my Nike Free 3.0”

  1. Quarterlife said

    3 months later…I’m curious, if you are still running in the Nike 3.0 and if you’re happy with them?

    • bunchgrasser said

      Actually I bought some Nike Free 5.0 and Nike LunarGlides and have been trying them out as well. The 5.0’s have a little more structure but they all feel really nice.

  2. Audiovore said

    I’ve just stumbled upon the whole ‘barefoot running’ concept by seeing a blurb about Vibram FiveFingers. I am thinking about trying Free’s tho as I have odd sized feet, so I think it will be easier to get a good fit. I do plan to go chek out the 3.0 and 5.0 in the store(if I can find one that carries them), but do you think they true to their size?

    • bunchgrasser said

      I’ve been wearing my Nike Free 5.0’s a lot lately on up to 5-6 mile runs and they feel fine. I think my feet are getting used to them. Nike shoes have always seemed narrower than other brands to me. Otherwise sizing seems to be standard – but I would recommend trying them on before buying.

  3. Why did you switch from the 3s to the 5s (just curious)? I bought the 7.0 version but am thinking of going down to 3.0 to get closer to being barefoot… Scott

    • bunchgrasser said

      Hey Scott, I like both pairs, but the 5.0’s feel like they have a little more structure to them. Also, I really like shoes so I tend to buy many pairs just for variety. I agree that starting with more structure and working your way toward a less structured shoe is a good strategy however.


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