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14 mile trail run on Wildwood

Posted by bunchgrasser on February 11, 2010

Catching up on my posts here…I’ve been trying to ramp up my mileage some over the past few weeks in anticipation of the Feb 20th 50k ultra. Clearly I’m way behind due to the 2-3 months of lost time from my Achilles injury. At this point I’m not very confident that I’ll be able to finish the Hagg Lake 50k, but since the course is a double loop around Hagg Lake – I will be able to drop after the first lap if necessary.

I’ve been getting pretty decent mileage lately without any substantial pain in my left lower leg, which is very exciting. Running injuries are so depressing and I’m just happy to be out on the road/trail again. Hopefully I can stay injury free for awhile as I have many races planned for 2010. Most importantly being my first ultra.

I recently did a 14 mile out and back trail run on the Wildwood Trail in forest Park near my house. I’ve ran Wildwood many times, but what made this one different was the driving rain, mud and 40 degree temp. My intent was to closely simulate worst-case conditions for the upcoming 50k – and I think it more than qualified. I did opt for running tights and gloves that day, which I’m typically loathe to do. In retrospect, it was a very good decision. By the time I finished the 14 miles and arrived back at the trail head – I was close to hypothermic. I learned a good lesson that day – that you cannot count on running to keep your body heat at sufficient levels. Once you get soaking wet your body temp can drop no matter how hard/fast you run.

I also learned that I need more than 2 Nathan water bottles (filled with Nuun) and a Bonk Breaker bar for that distance.

Needless to say, the copious amounts of mud and the many ups/downs on the Wildwood trail helped me use some muscles that don’t get much action on flat ground. I was quite sore for the next few days.


5 Responses to “14 mile trail run on Wildwood”

  1. rundadrun said

    Great post. Good luck getting ready for the ultra. I have been sidelined with injuries, and I know they get frustrating. I look forward to following your progress.
    Happy running,

  2. Scott said

    I’m glad that it sounds like your injuries are healed. I’m sure you’ll have fun at Hagg lake whether you make it one lap or two. I’ll see you there.

    • bunchgrasser said

      Thanks Scott. Since you are a Hagg Lake 50k veteran – do you have any words of wisdom to share? For example – do you carry a water bottle and/or food? Or just relay on the aid stations? Use salt tabs? Etc.

      Any advice is appreciated!


  3. Scott said

    It’s about five miles between aid stations, so I always carry a 20oz handheld water bottle. The aid stations are all set up to refill those for you. I guess they have some paper cups too, but I don’t think they get much use. (Maybe the 25K speedsters.) Between the NUUN and Gu2O the aid stations are supposed to have this year, I don’t think salt tabs should be needed, though I’ve used them in the past and will probably bring them this year too. As for food, I think the aid stations have you covered unless you’re a fussy eater.

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