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Hagg Lake 50k turns into 25k

Posted by bunchgrasser on February 22, 2010

Well, my quest to run a 50k ultra continues as I opted to drop after one lap (25k) around Hagg Lake on Saturday. As expected, my lingering chest cold robbed me of energy and made breathing difficult. After finishing the first lap I knew starting the second lap probably wouldn’t end well. I normally can run strong for at least 10-15 miles before starting to feel tired, but my chest felt tight and breathing was difficult pretty much from the start of the race.

Yes, I’m disappointed that I didn’t achieve my goal, but it was such an amazingly beautiful day for trail running that I honestly felt lucky to be there. It was a cold start (mid 30’s) but clear and sunny which was optimal for running. Once the sun hit the lake it not only warmed up quickly, but cast a gorgeous, scenic picture looking out across the lake. It was hard not to be distracted by the many lake views from the trail.

The legendary Hagg Lake mud lived up to the hype in my opinion. Although we had no rain for several days prior to race day, there were still many spots that were challenging to get through, particularly in the section near the last aid station and on to the Start/Finish line. My hat is off to the 25k and 50k winners for getting around the course in unbelievably fast times. Race results are here.

Thanks go out to the race organizers and volunteers for putting on a fabulous event. I thought they did a great job making this a very memorable race for me. The hot chicken soup tasted so good and I now have a spiffy new pair of running socks to show off. As a final bonus – I won a Montrail running hat in the random drawing.

I’m already looking for another 50k to sign up for so that I can eventually reach my goal. Wish me luck…


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