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One of my favorite pics from the Country Fair

Posted by bunchgrasser on December 16, 2008

pictures-7-08-192s1webI was perusing some of my pics from the 2008 Oregon Country Fair this past July. With all of the press President Bush has been getting lately (dodging shoes) – this image gave me a laugh.

What I really liked about this image was the setting. I took the shot as I was walking along a random trail in the woods at the Country fair. Someone had tacked this small print to the side of a tree stump. I stopped only for a few seconds to snap the shot and then moved on, not thinking much about it. When I reviewed my shots later on I realized that I liked this one.

I just thought I’d share it…

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Oregon sunset – because summer is almost gone

Posted by bunchgrasser on August 28, 2008

I was looking at some pics that I took on the Oregon coast a few weeks ago. We rented a house at the beach for a couple of nights and the sunsets were amazing. I managed to snap off a couple of pics one evening while we were building a fire to roast marshmallows.

As Kirsten and I were walking the dog earlier this evening, we both noticed a certain coolness in the air and it dawned on us that our short Oregon summer is almost over.

So, take a good look at that glowing orb now, because it won’t be around much longer. Fall is right around the corner and we’ve got 7-9 months of cold,┬árainy, depressing weather ahead of us.

Have a really, great day…


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