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10 miler – hurts so good!

Posted by bunchgrasser on August 21, 2008

Alright, I’m aware that I’ve been negligent in my posting duties. Life gets crazy…blah blah blah.

I went out for a run last night after work. It was the first time in awhile that my legs & feet actually felt good. I paced around my kitchen for 30 minutes or so waiting for the dark black rainclouds to disperse. I’ve been thinking a lot about the Portland Marathon lately (I registered a couple of weeks ago – so I’m committed, or at the very least $90 poorer now). I started counting the days left to train and I realized that…I’m screwed. It was vaguely similar to feelings that I had back in my college days. You know, realizing that you needed only a week to study for a test, but unfortunately the test was in 2 days… Anyone? Anyone?

Due to my various injuries and soreness, I’ve managed to miss a lot of training over the past few weeks, including both the 15 mile and 30k benchmark runs. My Portland Fit training group members will soon be doing their 21 miler and I’m not going to be ready for that either. What to do…

Anyway, back to my run. So knowing that I had less than 2 hours of daylight left, I quickly dressed myself in black shorts, black shirt, black hat and dark sunglasses. I slapped my Garmin on my wrist and headed out the door into a heavy rain shower. Did I mention that I was trying out some new arch support insoles (more on that later)?

I normally walk for the first 10 minutes so that my muscles warm up. Since it was raining pretty hard, I decided to just start running right away. I’m not sure why I did this actually. It certainly didn’t help me outrun the rain and my left calf muscle complained for awhile. I kept my pace slow (like 9-9.5 minute miles) and settled into an easy rhythm. I eventually got out from underneath the rain cloud and the glorious late evening sun bathed me in its warmth.

Two things that I normally carry with me on longer runs: an Ipod Nano (full of techno tunes) and a hydration belt with a water bottle were not with me today. My long run course does take me close to 2-3 parks, so I stopped off for a quick water break whenever I could. I will say that it was an interesting experience running without music. I’ve always relied heavily on the extended length, thumping bass beats of techno music to put me into “the zone”. This time I focused in on my own breathing rhythm and I was amazed to find a “parallel zone” of sorts.

After 5 miles or so, I was feeling good about my pace. My heart rate was stable and I had no soreness or pain anywhere. I was thinking “This is what running is supposed to feel like”. I wasn’t much further down the road when I started feeling a little heat and friction coming from the soles of my feet. Specifically my arches. I mentioned earlier that I was trying out some new replacement insoles which offered a little more midfoot support than the stock foam insoles that came with my Asics Gel Kayano’s. Well, it was clear that my feet weren’t used to that extra support, and after 6-7 miles they were letting me know. Yep, I probably should have tried those out on a shorter run. Another lesson learned.

As expected, my knees were the next body part to start complaining. It was a subtle complaint at first – I’ll give them that much. It was kind of like, “Excuse me, but we are ready to stop running now”.  A little later, somewhere between mile 8-9, the complaints were more like “If you don’t stop running now, we’re going to make your life hell for the next 24-48 hours”. I went back to my parallel zone and pressed on. By the time I cruised into my neighborhood at mile 10, I had a full on mutiny happening, with feet, ankles, knees and hips all conspiring to make me stop. It was pretty much dark at this point, so I limped into my house and collapsed into a chair.

I’m writing this post less than 24 hours later, and yes I’m still pretty sore. Getting out of bed this morning took a little longer than usual. I won’t be running again this evening, but I think I’ll be ready to hit it again by tomorrow evening. Maybe I’ll take my Ipod next time so that I can drown out the complaints.


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