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Spirit of the Marathon movie – again

Posted by bunchgrasser on November 18, 2008

spirit-picI watched the “Spirit of the Marathon” movie again yesterday. I found it on Netflix and added it to my queue. Actually, it is really a documentary, not a movie – but that is what everyone seems to call it. I saw Spirit the first time when it showed for one night only at theaters in Portland. I had already mostly decided to run my first marathon by then, but I have to say that watching Spirit completely put me over the edge. I walked out of the theater so fired up that I wanted to run home from the theater.

For those that haven’t seen it yet – I highly recommend finding and watching it. Even if you aren’t a runner – I thought it was a well done documentary. It follows several individuals (both professional and first-timers) as they prepare for and finally run the Chicago marathon. I’ve added a summary from the Spirit website below:

Spirit of the Marathon is the first ever non-fiction feature film to capture the drama and essence of the famed 26.2 mile running event. Filmed on four continents, the movie brings together a diverse cast of amateur athletes and marathon luminaries.

As six unique stories unfold, each runner prepares for and ultimately faces the challenge of the Chicago Marathon. More than a sports movie, Spirit of the Marathon is an inspirational journey of perseverance and personal triumph; a spectacle that will be embraced by runners and non-runners alike.

 I have to say that I was inspired all over again yesterday while watching it for the second time. My wife and daughter watched it with me and they enjoyed it as well. My wife is contemplating running her first half marathon this spring and I think watching Spirit has helped push her over the edge.


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