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Small park gives up small ring

Posted by bunchgrasser on October 1, 2008

Sunday morning I headed to a small, tree-lined park tucked way back in an older neighborhood. I knew this park has been around for a long time because I looked up historical photos of it dating back to 1913 and earlier.
I was hoping to find some old silver coins but no such luck in the 2 hours that I was there. I did manage to find a handful of clad coins and small ring though.
The ring is bare metal and kind of small, but it has a unique “vintage” design that I’ve never seen before. It looks like it was plated at one time but all the plating is gone, like it has been in the ground for a very long time. There is an empty hole in the middle where it might have had a stone. It was covered in dirt when I retrieved it and I never thought to look around in the hole for a stone.

This is ring number 20 for me and it goes into the box with the others. I’m planning to head back to that park as I never finished it. There is easily 2-3 more trips before I cover it all. It’s always nice to get a ring on a short hunt.

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