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Transitioning to the lunch-hour run

Posted by bunchgrasser on November 20, 2008

I’ve been finding it difficult to get my miles lately due to the lack of daylight hours. It’s dark in the morning before work and dark in the evening when I get home. Add some coldness, clouds and rain to that darkness and it can suck the motivation to run right from your very soul.

What to do? Well, how about running on your lunch hour? It may still be cold and rainy – but at least it will be daylight. I’ve always been a “before, or after work” runner, and I’ve also found it somewhat challenging to change into running gear, complete my run, shower and then change back into work clothes in a 1 hour time slot. Not to mention that I’d like to eat some lunch during that time as well.

Yesterday, I went for my first “lunch-hour” run of the season and it went very well. I learned that my office complex does have a small locker room with a single shower stall and a few lockers. So, at least I didn’t have to return to the office hot and sweaty. I’ve listed below some tips that helped me stay within my lunch hour time limit.

  1. Pack a duffle bag at home the night before with all the gear that you need, including shoes, clothing, shower stuff, MP3 player, etc.
  2. Eat a small carb-rich snack (yoghurt, banana, Clif bar) at your desk about an hour before you run. This will ensure a high energy level during your run and make it easier to last until you can eat lunch later.
  3. If you are comfortable doing so, replace pre-run stretching with a 5 minute slow jog. I’ve found it warms my muscles effectively and saves 5-10 minutes.
  4. Realize that a shorter-than-normal run can be very satisfying, especially if you do that run more frequently throughout the week. If running your normal distance takes too long, then reduce your distance and speed up the pace a little. It’s all good…
  5. Scope out (in advance) the best running course(s) close to where you work. My office just happens to be right next to the NIKE world headquarters, so I ran the bark chip path around NIKE’s campus. I also will try the streets & sidewalks around the business park on my next run.

The point is – I refuse to let the darkness or weather conditions alter my training plan. As a life-long Oregonian I’ve learned to accept the cold, crappy weather. And aside from moving to Arizona, or spending time on a treadmill indoors (ugh) – I don’t see many other options.


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Wet 6 miler – stepping out of the comfort zone

Posted by bunchgrasser on November 8, 2008

I recently decided that I wouldn’t let the weather dictate my running schedule. It seemed like an easy thing to do, but this morning my commitment was tested in a big way. I woke up this morning to dark, cloudy, unstable weather – but it wasn’t actually raining when I was making coffee and getting dressed. However, by the time I put on my Garmin and headed outside – it was coming down in buckets. This is the Oregon that I know and love (not)…

It isn’t that I mind running in the rain so much, but those first few minutes when you start out dry and then quickly transition to wet…not exactly my favorite thing. The only upside is that I was trying out my new blue Illuminite Milano running jacket that I found on clearance last week at a local sporting goods store. I’m a sucker for any kind of “technical” gear and I was really interested to see how long the jacket would shed water. It actually performed pretty well for a Teflon-coated “water resistant” jacket. The real test will be when I run at night. I’ve heard that these jackets have amazing reflective visibility.

In spite of the pouring rain, the 6 miler turned out well. It really felt good to get back on the pavement and my goal now is to ratchet up the mileage slowly. My knees still feel a little sore and creaky, but seem to be improving each time I run. I’m half way committed to a spring Marathon (I’m currently leaning towards the Eugene Marathon at present) assuming that my health and training continue in the right direction. I think it could potentially be challenging for me to get the miles I need during the winter season. Bad weather and the many holiday distractions will make it tougher to stay on track I think.


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Oregon sunset – because summer is almost gone

Posted by bunchgrasser on August 28, 2008

I was looking at some pics that I took on the Oregon coast a few weeks ago. We rented a house at the beach for a couple of nights and the sunsets were amazing. I managed to snap off a couple of pics one evening while we were building a fire to roast marshmallows.

As Kirsten and I were walking the dog earlier this evening, we both noticed a certain coolness in the air and it dawned on us that our short Oregon summer is almost over.

So, take a good look at that glowing orb now, because it won’t be around much longer. Fall is right around the corner and we’ve got 7-9 months of cold, rainy, depressing weather ahead of us.

Have a really, great day…


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