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OMG, Hagg Lake 50k is……TOMORROW!!!

Posted by bunchgrasser on February 19, 2010

How do I feel right now? Scared to death actually. Tomorrow I shall attempt my first ever ultra, the Hagg Lake 50k.

Am I trained properly? No, my Achilles injury has hampered my training severely.

Am I Healthy? No, I’ve been (and still am) sick this past week with head & chest cold.

Am I mentally prepared? Actually, yes – but mostly because as an ultra-newbie I’m blissfully ignorant of the pain to come tomorrow morning. I’ve come to peace with the idea that I may drop after 25K (one loop around the lake) if things aren’t going well.

I have managed to complete a couple more long runs over the past few weeks though. I ran a 16 mile out and back on my normal (road) course a couple weekends ago. I also managed an 11 mile run on my dreadmill last weekend. Running 11 miles on a dreadmill is a new distance PR for me – with my previous treadmill record being 10 miles.

The weather has been cold and sunny the past few days, which should help dry out some of the muddy spots on the trail. The race day forecast is for partly sunny with a low of 31 and high of 52. Having no rain will be great – but the morning start will be a cold one. I’m still planning to wear my North Face Rucky Chucky GTX trail shoes in order to keep my feet dry.


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I just bought a used Sole F63 treadmill

Posted by bunchgrasser on May 21, 2009

I scored a great deal this week on a slightly used Sole F63 treadmill. I finally realized that a treadmill is the easiest way to keep up my mileage during the cold, rainy winter months here in Oregon. It will also come in handy when its dark outside, or if I am short on time.

I set it up in my garage a couple of days ago and just used it for the first time last night. I cranked out a quick 3 miles, which felt good because I wasn’t able to run earlier that day. It was hard to justify staring at my garage wall for almost 30 minutes since the sun was shining outside. However, I cranked up my stereo and enjoyed the classic rock. I look forward to the bump in weekly mileage, and hopefully I’ll be able to improve my speed a little as well.


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