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Tualatin Hills Nature Park Run

Posted by bunchgrasser on June 11, 2009

I left the office recently looking for some variety for my lunch hour run. I’d never tried running the trails within the Tualatin Hills Nature Park which is very close to my office. Now that I’ve done so, it seems a shame that I never found this wonderful place sooner.

After a 5 minute jog from my office, I entered the park at the trail head next to the Merlo Road MAX light rail station. The dense, green forest provided an immediate change from the heat and traffic a few steps away. I had no idea where I was going, so I just followed alongĀ and tried to stay on the main paved trail.

Along the way I encountered wooden bridges, ponds, a small creek, and several other runners who obviously had discovered this wonderful place. I also managed to spot lots of wildlife along the trails, including birds, chipmunks, a rabbit, some ducks and an unknown larger animal crashing through the underbrush (possibly a deer). All this in only a 2-3 mile stretch.

The curvy trails provided ample scenery and theĀ sounds of the forest animals offered a refreshing change from my normal routes on the streets. There are numerous short loops in the park which provide lots of diversity if you prefer not running the same trail each time.

On my run, I came to the edge of the park and ran up a street for a short distance before reentering the park at another entrance trail. My run was over way too soon and I know I’ll be coming back soon.


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